Sunday, December 9, 2012

Universal Studios Orlando

We headed to Universal Studios to spend the afternoon.  I did a craft sale at the resort before, but did not sale much of anything.  I must note that I did not see anyone else selling much either.  I am going to have to rethink this part of my life.  Anyway I will find a way to do what I love and give it away to good causes. 
When we got to Universal Studios the Superstar Parade was just starting.  I would do a commentary on the parade, but I am so old I do not have any idea who these things are.  LOL
I do know how this guy, who every he is, feels.
I know this one because our granddaughter, Maddy, loves her.  Dora the Explorer   We also went into some of the rides.  The first was Shrek the 4D ride.  I was thinking I would not see the effects in 4D because of my eye problem, but I put on the glasses and wow.  You go in the theater sit and enjoy.  You watch the movie in seats that move to the action.  The 4D is awesome.  When Donkey sneezed his face came at you and you got wet from the sneeze.  Also when the dragon shook off water you got wet.  It was a great ride, as far as I am concerned the best we went to today.
We also went to Twister.  It was great
This is Universal Steve getting a cracker on the ground near Rog's feet.
I did one of my bucket list items today and saw the Macy's Parade.  It is the greatest.  I took 543 pix today, yes digetial cameras are wonderful, but I did have to pick the ones to share, which was not fun, so enjoy.
We also did another thing on our bucket list and that was to see Mannheim Steamroller preform live.  They are at Universal Studios on the weekend so we headed down here to get a peek. 
They were wonderful just like we knew.
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