Thursday, December 13, 2012

Disney World Epcot finally

We headed off to Disney World this morning.  We got tickets so we could explore the Magic Kingdom for 5 whole days.  We have 14 days to use the tickets so we can get breaks in there too.  But we also have 2 more days at Universal Studios and we are going to the Space Center one day too.  We have things really packed for pre-Christmas. Then we leave here on Christmas Eve for Fort Lauderdale for 2 weeks to run around with Laura and DavidThey both are coming in on Christmas Day, different times because Laura lives in Denver, Co. and David in Torrance, Ca.  We are really looking forward to seeing them both.

We decided to go to Epcot part of Disney World today.   I am wanting to go to all these parks during Christmas because of the decorations and music.  My understanding is that at Epcot you can see all the different Santa Clauses of the world there.  So Santa here we come. 
Notice the sky in my pix.  The weather man predicted fog in the early morning, burning off to sunny, breezy (10 to 12 mph) in the 70's by midday.  Well not so much.  It was cold and we were not dressed for 50's with wind chill of colder and off and on misting.  We did have a great time, but man. 

 I also came to the conclusion that I can not walk these parks and still have the energy to enjoy the fun to it's fullest.   Also I will not be in pain the whole time.  So I will rent a wheelchair and ride my chariot around the kingdoms. LOL
They had their bushes all decked out. 
Rog was playing with Bambi.

When we got there we did some time traveling and went back to the beginning and traveled into the future.  The ride was quite amazing.  I have put a few pix from this journey.
There he is painting the ceiling of the chapel.
And yes, Rog remembers these.  LOL
We then donned our suits and went into space.  The simulator was a cool ride.  We decide to wuss out and take the less strenuous of the rides.  The ride was just right for us old folk.
More of the Disney animal bushes. all decked out for Christmas.
We also headed across the bridge and walk around the world.  This is an area all fixed up in little communities from different parts of the world.   This is the big Christmas Tree in the middle of it all.
Love the roof on this home in Sweden or near there somewhere.
I was hoping to see the Santas from different counties, but this is the only one around.  He is from France.
We then took a trip on a ride called The Land.  This took us into the bio sphere where saw all the plants and different ways of growing them.

Rog then had a face to face with Nemo's dad.  Then we went under the sea and had a fun time.  But the most fun was the aquarium we saw after the ride.

This is just one of the many cute guys floating around.  

We saw much much more, but I do not want to bore you.  It was great fun so come on down and see for yourself.  Tomorrow we are off to the Magic Kingdom and the brand new Fantasy land.
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