Monday, December 17, 2012

Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center today.  We drove to the left coast of Florida to see the space center.  Rog got a great deal on tickets so we just had to go.  It was very interesting and fun.  Rog is sitting in a tiny space capsule.  Hope this all sounds ok because it is so late.
Rockets galore.  We saw IMAX 3D movies that put you on the space shuttle and in space.  The movies were wonderful had great information and wonderful pix.  We saw and did so many wonderful things.  We even took a shuttle bus tour to the assembly area and more things to see and do.  Put this on your list of things to do. 
This is the assemble platform that is moved around with a rocket on it.  The rocket is assembled in the assembly building then moved on this pad to the launch pad on a special road.
This road goes from the assembly room to the launch pad.  It is 8 ft deep and has rock from Tennessee and Arkansan for the top 9 inches.  They use this rock because it does not spark when the assemble platform runs across it.  
This is the assembly building.  It is the largest one story building in the world and the 4th largest building in the world by volume.  They say it does not appear as big as it is because there are not buildings around it to compare it to.  The stars on the flag are 6 ft high.  The stripes are 8ft. wide.
This was one of the "rides"  These are not mock ups of the controls for the Apollo Missions they are the actual desks and monitors used.  I took a pic of the jacket with NAA, because Rog's dad worked for North American Aviation. 
  The engines for the Apollo flight big.  Rog's little head is at the bottom of the pic
Touching a moon rock.  Man they have it so you can barely touch it let alone try and take it.
Tires on the moon rover.  They are see through.  They probably cost way more than our car tires ever thought about being.
vault door to the good stuff in NASA
I heard the ad on TV and believed it and went to the Space Center at Christmas because they had wonderful Christmas decorations and it was a must see.  Not so much.
I finally found where the Christmas decorations and Santa where keep.  So I needed a pic to show you the Christmas decorations and as I took a pic Santa yelled at, yes yelled, me, "you can't take pictures of me".  "If you want one you can come over here and this guy will take your picture".   Of course there is always a price  No Thanks.  Santa. 
Christmas Tree among the rockets.
Sad day.  Flag at half staff because of the killing at the school in Connecticut.
Space Shuttle at the Astronaut Hall of Fame.  

From here we headed for a Christmas lights boat ride on Lake Dora and the canal.  The boat was all decorated, we had hot cider, and cookies and saw many beautifully decorated houses and boat docks along the way.  
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