Sunday, December 16, 2012

Disney World/Hollywood Studios

Christmas Tree at Hollywood Studios had a movie reel thingy at the bottom.
Downtown Hollywood, California (Florida)
Grumman's Chinese Theater where we took a ride into the movies.  We drove through many of the old movies where they came alive and our ride was hijacked by a ganster and later she was killed in the Indiana Jones movie and we got our guide back.  Movie Magic.
Movies Stunt Show with cars.  It was great.
Exploding cars.  They taught you all about how they do the car stunts for the movies.  They told us all about the engines and weight balance for the skids etc.  This is what I heard, "We put the blah, blah, blah, then they crash"..
We saw Beauty and the Beast.  It was great. 

Our second ride of the day was a twisty turny thing having to do with Star Wars.  It was OK, but I am learning that I do not like those kind of rides anymore.  We left there for a bit to eat and this is were Rog discovered he no longer had his cell phone.  Panic!!!  We head back to the Star Wars ride in hopes it fell out of his pocket on that twisty turny ride and sure enough they had his cell phone.  Someone was looking down on us today.  So every ride we went on after that I would ask him if he had his cell phone.  We did not misplace it again.  

We had fun, but this was not our favorite park.  

  The Christmas Lights on the buildings were beautiful. When the music began the light would dance to the beat. When the song Let it Snow started playing it began to snow!!!!on the street right there in Disney World.  It was great.
They even had a beautiful Nativity scene.

We stayed for the laser, water, fireworks show and it was great too.

We are tired and ready for bed, but tomorrow we head for the Space Center then a hour and a half boat ride to see the Christmas Lights on the Dora Canal.   
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