Saturday, December 15, 2012

Disney World/Animal Kingdom

We arrived in the morning and had one wonderful day!  Notice all the animals on their Christmas Tree at this park.
The way Disney creates the community for each area is amazing.  You feel you are in Africa or Asia.
Just hanging with friends
We came into the park and took the The Wildlife Express Train around and enjoyed our time seeing an overview of the park.  Then the first trip we took was Kilimanjaro Safaris.  This is a must see.  I was so impressed with this one.  We boarded a rugged open-sided safari vehicle and headed out into the jungle and savanna to see the animals.  We forded rivers and even went over an old bridge that almost collapsed.  It was awesome.  The next pix are of our trip.   

As we were looking at the elephants a rino came running in front of us.  Our driver had to slam on the brakes or would have hit it.  You are right there among them.  
Love the tree.  Forgot the name.
You can see the vehicles we were in driving around the wilds of Africa.  
This is the tree of live in the middle of the park.
We took a raft down the  Kali Rapids and I got completely soaked from head to toe.  My socks were still soaked when I got home to take them off. Oh the fun we had today.
Monkeys at play

We went to the Lion King musical stage show.  WOW!! A must see.  We also saw Nemo the musical and that was very well done too.

We went on every ride in the park, but the high speed roller coaster called Expedition Everest.  We went on one called Dinosaur that I wished I hadn't.   But the rest were so wonderful.  I am thinking this is my favorite of the parks, but we do have another park to see tomorrow and that is Disney's Hollywood Studios
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