Saturday, December 8, 2012

Bok Tower Part 1 of 2 inside

This is the entry to the mansion.  There were Christmas trees in every room.  Well there was at least one tree and some rooms had 4 and 5 trees.  The each room was decorated by different individuals.
Tree at the top of stairs notice the tiles on steps.
music room decorations.  The wreath is made with sheet music.
Pantry area with dinner ready to be served.
Dining room
All the doors were engraved with a different design
Santa made with leaves
Florida sea shell blue tree.  This one is really pretty.
Nature tree with birds and butterflies
Outside gardens
Nativity scene above the doorway
This was my favorite room so cozy and wonderful
Wild life decoration with animals and birds.
Main tree in the living room
Mr's bedroom.  Notice the close-up of his tree with all the owls.

This is Mrs' bedroom.  White and gold angle wings frame the windowsThe room is done completely in gold and white.

This is the girls room done in a nature theme with lots of trees.

I have many more pix, but just do not have room for them here.  It was so beautiful inside and out. This is a two part blog so please do go to the next one to see the outside gardens.

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