Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Speed Boat Thriller ride/Miami/Sunset

We went into Miami and went on a Speed boat Thriller Ride.  It had twin turbo diesel engines and he used them!!!  It normally has 4,000 hp, but for us city folks they tuned it down to only 1,000 hp.   It was a great ride.  
This  is our ride.

Laura in purple before the ride began.
David before the ride
During the ride
 David at full speed.  

Then we headed for the open seas at full speed. 
We got very close to the big freighters and cargo ships as we were just flying along.
The skyline of Miami was all around us.
our roster tail
Millions of dollarsRicky Martin's home
This is the home of the biggest drug dealer in Miami!  He is a Pharmacist and has a great deal to do with Viagra.  He has a water fall in his front yard called Viagra Falls. 

 We saw many homes of millionaires on their own man made islands with their private docks to get to their front doors
Us coming back from our Thrill Ride.  Our captain took us out into the Atlantic Ocean and bounced us around on the waves.  We had the refreshing spray of the ocean all over us.  So have a thin crust of salt all over me.  When I lick my lips all I need is the Marquita. LOL
Pretty Arts building in Miami.

We had a great day and glad we went on the boat,.


  A few minutes later
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