Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Universal Studios/ Island's of Adventure

We got up and headed for Universal Studios to complete both parks.  We went to Island's of Adventure.  This pic is were the Sinbad Stunt Show was held.  It was kind of hookey.  
We were wondering if this was one of Santa's  reindeer?
They had explosions and fires and such.
We then headed to the Harry Potter part of the park.  There were many people very focused on the sights so it was quite dangerous for a wheel chair.  This part the park itself was wonderful.  You could really imagine yourself in the pages of the book or movie. 
Lady with her pet something or another.
The buildings were wonderful
The snow and icicles were so real I almost got cold in 80 degree weather.  LOL
Then we headed to Jurassic Park and saw a dinosaur flying up in the sky.  One of the only rides I would feel happy going on and you had to have a kid with you to go on it. I almost rented one, but I stopped myself.
Rog found a new pet.  Now all we have to do is find the room in the rig for it to stay and no it can not sleep on the bed.
This is a log ride in the cartoon area.  People were just totally soaked when they got off.
My man
Dr. Seuss Land
  Cat in the Hat ride.  This is the first ride we went on.  I thought this would be fun and an easy ride because little ones would love to go on it.  Not so much.  It jerks you around a lot.  I am discovering that I am at an age were I can not recover from these roller coaster ride like things anymore.  

Since I do not want to go on these type of rides or can't this park was not for me.  There were two shows and really one ride I felt OK about going on.  So we were home early.  Just as well because we needed to catch up on laundry and rest.  

I am that old because I got my Medicare Card in the mail today.  Man it took a long time to get here and I am not sure I am ready.  LOL 
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