Friday, December 14, 2012

Disney World / Magic Kingdom

We made it to the Magic Kingdom and it was oh so magical.  We rented a wheel chair for me and it was the best thing.   I was able to enjoy all of the park the whole time and I really feel great to the very end.  My chariot driver was the best. 

 Main Street was decorated to the nines and the music was wonderful.  It was all so great.  We picked a day to go when they closed the park early for Mickey Mouse's Christmas Party.  So we did not get to see the Electric Parade or the fireworks.  So maybe on our 5th day we will go back to the Magic Kingdom for this. One should research things before they head out.
The castle was beautiful.  I have shots of it during the day, at night, and right after the fairy godmother did her magical spell and dusted the castle with magical ice .
before the magical spell.
This pic is after the magical spell and with our Smart Phone camera.  I am thinking the Smart Phone camera is the one I should use from now on for all of my pix.  I am amazed at how great the pic turned out.   
This is It's a Small World ride.  It was as magical as the first time I went on it in Disneyland in California a million years ago.  We went on many of the rides and had a great time. 
  We had lunch outside and had an egret of some kind share our spot.  As you can see he is not the least bit upset with people close by.  
We met our old friends on the Splash Mountain ride.  We got quite wet on this ride
We also went on the Buzz Lightyears ride.  Here you have a laser gun to shot and it keep score.  We can only guess who won.....yes, Rog.  Here is the man (?) himself.  

We took the Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean, Country Bear Jamboree, Space Mountain. People Mover, Monster Inc Laugh Floor, Stitches Great Escape, Carousel of Progress, Railroad, and Monorail.  We tried to ride Thunder Mountain, but it was closed for repairs.  

We had a wonderful day and we will be off to Disney's Animal Kingdom tomorrow.
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