Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Disney World/ Epcot

Back at Disney World/Epcot and this is our friend, Goofy.

I missed a few important bits of information on some of the blogs because we were coming in so late and I am so tired.

At the space center we were in the control room getting information, by movie, about space flights and such by the same astronaut that Walowitz, on The Big Theory, went up into space with when he was an astronaut on the show.  

At Disney World/ Hollywood Studios we were told we just had to go to the car stunt show by our son and he was right it was a really great show.  He also said we had to go on the Tower of Terror.  Oh come on just the name is enough to let you know I was no where near that ride. LOL  I'm telling you my body just can not recup  fast enough for me to go on those kinds of rides anymore.  But as a kid, young adult, and adult I would be all over those kind of rides.  Not as an old(er) adult the old body is screaming you are just crazy, and NO.  

 Or it could be that I have been on that kind of ride a lot of the time since I've retired.  Top of the World Highway in Canada/Alaska was quite a ride!!  Also the road to Destruction Bay, Canada, it was not all that fast, but man was it bumpy.   Driving through many of our cities is quite a ride too. A lot of these roads may not sound like all that much of a "ride" to you in a car, but we are in a 40ft motor home towing a car.  This adds that much more adventure to our "ride".  Even getting back from the park we almost had a car slam into the side of us making a right turn into our lane.  We were so sure we touched that Rog got out and looked for the white paint on my side of the car, of course, when we got home.  Rog had to slam on the brakes and the other car just kept on coming toward us.  With the anti-lock brakes we have on our cars now days you do not hear the screeching of tires any more.  I'm thinking that sound effect should be installed to let people know how close they are to being munched, hurt, or killed out there.  We don't even think these people knew how close to an accident they came because they just slowly moved on down the road

We got a later start to Disneyland/Epcot.  We did like Animal Kingdom the best of the parks, but we decided to return on our 5th free day to Epcot because we missed stuff there.  We wanted to go on Soaring ?  and Test Drive ?  These are rides our son says are a must. We'll see.  I also researched a bit and found where I think I can see the Santas of the World.  Then there is the Candle Light Procession the show of the Christmas Story.  

We left late because we will be having a late night of it.  I got the laundry done, mostly, the dishes done, and some cleaning.  So now we are off to more fun.
We were in Canada at Victory Gardens
It's a small world after all. 
We found Sammy
The three kings.
Epcot Steve running round begging for goodies.
Rog in England having fish and chips and a tall cold one.  
We went on a couple of rides, but the best was one called Soaring.  It was wonderful.  You are in a hang glider sailing over California.  The ride did not go anywhere, but you felt like it.  They lifted you so all you saw were the feet of the car in front of you and the sights and smells (redwoods and oranges) of California.  The ride Test Drive was not one I wanted to go on, but Rog went on it.  The Santas were not in town, only Santa Claus and the Mrs. from America. We did not stay for all of the Candle Light Show because it was so crowded.  But what we did hear and see it was wonderful and the music was great. 

And the fireworks show was spectacular!!!!

It is late and we have one more day at Universal Studios.    
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