Friday, December 28, 2012

This is David holding his new friend.
We got in late so the blog was what suffered.  We got home in time to play cards and that won out 

We headed out this morning to the Everglades.  Our first stop was the Alligator Farm for a visit and an air boat ride. 
David shared his new friend with me.
Laura said she would kill the little ones, but you are in charge of kill the big ones.
Looks like Rog has a death grip on his new little friend. No! we are not bringing him into the rig.
We saw some little ones.  Alligators  produce up to 50 eggs per clutch.  The temperature determines the sex of the gator.
big  Alligator Farms were licensed by the State of Florida in the 1980's as a way to ensure the survival of the alligator.  In 1950's they were placed on the endangered list because of poachers. By 1987 the alligator was back on track and living large so they took him off the list. 

Bigger  Harvesting takes place when they reach 5 ft.
Grandpa Gator14ft long
air boat
A real iguana on a real plastic alligator.
Our air boat driver took us out and got us wet.  We were glad we had our glasses on.
They had some other "wild" animals there.  I almost missed this, but Laura and David said they had a must see for me.  These two had to have been raised togetherFlorida panther and chocolate lab.  
gator kabob, yummmm!
  This is were we ate lunch.  They had some amazing food and they are a little place in the middle of the country all by themselves.  It reminded me of the blue school bus fish kitchen in Hyder, Alaska. 
Anhinga in the Everglades.  They are also called snake bird.  They  swim with their whole bodies underwater and their neck is curvy so snake. 
All done fishing and drying out.

We had a great day of it.  
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