Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cake Pops

I have always been interested in cake pops so I decided to see what it was all about.  Back in the day you would bake a regular cake, cool it, then break it into small pieces and add icing to it and form it into small balls and decorate them.  That was way too messy for me, but when they came up with this cute little machine I was in.  So today I mixed with an old store bought cake mix and processed to make cake pops.   
It is way easier than I had ever thought.  And to my amazement every cake pop came out perfect.
Some machines come with a special fork to take out the hot cake pop, but I got the cheap one so no fancy fork for me.  I had to use my tongs and they worked great.  It takes 3 minutes to cook 6 cake pops.  Some machines have spots for 12 cake pops. 
They just pop right out of the little holes
I have a lot of cake pops.  I forgot to count and we ate a few of them. 
I have been reading on the Internet about cake pops, of course after I purchased mine and before I got all the stuff to do things really right, but had fun anyway and they tasted great.  You would usually dip them in a candy coating stuff you melt and then dip the cake pop to frost it and then decorate.  I purchased canned frosting and had to put the frosting on with a knife.
Then I dipped the cake pop in sprinkles.
They do look yummy.



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