Friday, December 7, 2012

Resort living

Well here I sit in front of my computer ready to type and with nothing to write about.  

I did mess around some more with the cake pops.  I was trying out some different ways of decorating and am learning that so of those weren't  the greatest ideas.  At least with these mistakes I can eat them.  LOL  The ones I have done and want to keep, do look great.  I will try again tomorrow and see if I can come up with some wonderful ideas.

We went swimming today againThe pool is great, but the spa is a bit hot for me, but it did not stop me.  I just could not stay in as long as I liked.  I am also working on my tan, or as some would call it skin cancer, and it is coming along fine too. 

 I had Rog figure out the length of the pool and how many laps I would need to swim a mile.  Well 35 laps up and back is the magic number.  I did a quarter mile today.  You must remember this is done with no kicking, which is harder.  I find that I begin to hurt way before I am tired.  I have that same problem when I walk too.  I guess I just have to work through it.  But everything I read on polio says that at my age, quite young still,  I should not push though, I should stop.  In that case I would not be doing much of anything.  So take some drugs and then push through how's that? LOL  I do love swimming.  It is great when I use the snorkel.   I find I do not have to work as hard. 

We are working on going to the magic lands around here for the holidays.  We have decided that this is it so we best "getter done" and the heck with the money.  Mickey needs it more than we do.  LOL  You only go around once anyway.

Bring them all home!!!

I hear from the grapevine that one was coming soon.

 Speaking of saving money here is a great idea for saving money on your Christmas tree and keep the room smelling great too.

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