Monday, December 3, 2012

Moving day

I do not have pix of my own for this blog because today was moving day and setting up new home day and going to the store day.  So that did not leave any time for picture day.  LOL

We did move and you have to pick up all our c..p, well stuff and put it away and then it takes time to get drive here and check in.  Then you have to take all the cr..,  well stuff and put it in its place when you get to your new home.

  I also needed to pick up my new glasses, so nice not a scratch anywhere and I have had them for  4 whole hours now.  Ask me in a week.  I really like them they are different for me because the are rectangles.  I will have Rog take a pic tomorrow to show you.  I also got the anti-glare stuff and the first thing Rog said was "I can see your eyes now."  

After the eye store we headed for the $100.00 store (Sam's) and yes spent $100.00+ so they let us out.  

We had an uneventful trip here.  It could have been not so much so.  Rog was changing lanes and ran a pick-up off into the grass a little ways before Rog corrected.  Everyone was fine, but wow.  The driver of the pick-up was really cool about it and just wave, no with all fingers not just one.  We were following a big rig, this may be way Rog was distracted, who was carrying a overweight load and he blew a tire, inside left rear.  And he did not care. He just keep right on going at 65 to 70 mph. Rog was trying to get away from him as best he could in case there was another blow out.

Ok Sally, we need to start drinking more wine and keeping our wine bottlesMeet at your house at Christmas and build a tree, heck with that dumb bear.  This is really quite pretty and I am sure it took many years to accumulate all those bottle. LOL

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