Monday, December 10, 2012

We were going to get up and head for Disney World for a day at Epcot, but Rog woke up not feeling great so he cancelled the outing.  What a bummer because we have a 5 day pass and each day we don't go means we will not get to use all 5 days.  They are forecasting server thunderstorms for the next two days so we are not going those days.  All this needs to be done before Dec 23rd because we are leaving this area for a while.  

Speaking of weather they were reporting tornadoes just north and east of us.  There was damage and pictures and all.  We are experiencing a thunder storm now at  8:30 PM, which my peeps know is my very favorite thing in all the kingdom to experience.  

I went to Monday afternoon Bingo by myself.  I was the Queen again and I won $17 on one game.  I met Daisy again.  We sat together the last Bingo game.  Last time neither one of us won anything.  This time Daisy won the first game at $60 and then I won.  We did a lot of talking before and at break.    

Oh yes, Rog is fine.  Don't tell him, but I think he was fine in the first place.  Men are such big babies when they think they are sick.  Again don't tell.   



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