Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bingo/ cake pops

Decorated some more of the cake pops.  This time I used a glaze and sprinkles.  I am not sure this is the look I want to go for.  Will use a candy coating frosting tomorrow and see how that goes.  They are still tasty.  

Last night we went to Bingo.  They have quite a set up.  You come in and purchase bingo cards and are given a ticket; green for men and orange for womenBefore they begin the games they draw each color ticket.  If your number is called, the woman is the queen of the game and the man is the king.  Upon recieving your crown and noise maker you each pick a number.  If that number is called during each and every game played you make noise and receive a pull tab game card.  This is another gambling game that you can win money playing.  You also are given nine free bingo games. Well last night I was the queen, or in my case because of the age thing princess, of the game.  So I donned my crown and was given a bell to ring and I picked number 16.  I also recieved my 9 free games.  Even with all this I did not win.  We had a lot of fun with the king and queen thing and all.  



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