Thursday, December 20, 2012

On a Jet Plane

I uploaded, down loaded, off loaded, just plain copied these pix from Sheri's FB page.  By the by Sheri thanks for the pix.  LOL

Granddaughters on a jet plane heading to Japan to see their Daddy on Christmas.  He has been stationed there for 2 years and everyone is excited for the visit.  The plane ride is going to be a long one, 14 hours I think.  In these pix they have just gone through "the search" at the airport.  Bella was caught with over sized, not sealed right, shampoo, so had to throw away.  Here they are sitting at (LAX) in California waiting for take off.  

Here you see grandson and granddaughter across the isle on the plane waiting for take off,  Sam is texting her friends all about Bella messing up and bringing stuff she shouldn't.

I happen to be up early and on FB when Tom was on line.  He texted me and we Skyped.  He was at the airport in Japan eagerly waiting for his family to arrive.  They have had some issues at the base and all personal are on an 11:00 PM curfew.  Tom's family arrives after that curfew so he had to get a letter from the General, no less, to allow him to stay out that late, 12:00 AM.  

They are also going to Disneyland, Japan on a scheduled AF bus trip and he will need that letter again just in case they, sorry he, is out too late.  I had to remind him that I never put him on a curfew and now he is on one at age 39.  LOL 

We did not go to Universal today and may not do the third free day.  Really not so free because parking is $15 and wheel chair is $15.  We have been there and I have seen my two things and I think Rog is tired of pushing me around. He says he is just plain tired.  If it was not for him I could not have done half, even a fourth of what we did.  HE'S THE (MY) MAN

In five days we will be picking up kid and grandson at the airport.  I spent the day getting there bedding all nice and ready for them.    

Must get my Christmas funnies and cards out soon, so here goes.

 Tom and his family understand this one particularly this year in Japan.
 This is me.

People are so creative.

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