Monday, December 31, 2012

Coral Castle Part 2 of 2

He dug this well himself and used the cool waters in it to store food and even cool himself.
bath tub next to the well, smart.  Just big enough for him.  He would fill it in the morning and it would be just right for a late afternoon bath.  Since the coral is porous and would not hold water he lined it with cement. 
Laura reading
lizard sunning
David in the Throne Room on the throne which weighs 5,000 pounds
Ed found this rock with a silver palm growing out of it.  It shaded the entire area.  In 1960 hurricane Donna came and blow it away so this is the replacement.
Polaris Telescope  Ed carved this telescope in two pieces.  The outer part is located 20 ft. outside of the wall of the castle.  It is 25 ft. tall and weighs about 40,000 pounds.  
The second part of the telescope was located on the inner wall.  At night when both sets of cross hairs are aligned, the North Star will be seen.
Florida table.  Ed carved this table the exact shape and direct proportion to the size of Florida.  He even put Lake Okeechobee, Florida's largest lake right where is should be.
Laura reading in the reading chair.  She says it is really comfy.  There are different chair locations so he would have the best light to read by no matter where the sun was.
Using his telescope to study the sun's movement he was able to construct this sun dial.  He only had the times for 9 to 4 because he was only interested in the hours a man would work.  The numbered loops are the hour loops and the unnumbered loops are the half hour loops. 
This is the metal piece that is located on a block above and to one side of the loops and casts a shadow on the loops.  We could not test the clock because it was over cast.
rocking chair 

The Sun Couch is approximately 8 ft. in diameter.  Ed built the couch on a Ford brake drum so that he could turn it to any position he desired and sun bathe. 


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