Friday, December 21, 2012

Japan Maddy

Maddy driving a car on the streets of Japan.  Mom said her 7 year old is about the size of most of the population in Japan.  LOL  I think she might be exaggerating quite a bit.

Pix from Japan.  Notice how close the homes are together and the mode of transportation by the homes. 

The Golden Arches in Japan.

Road signs on the road.

We are experiencing a cold snap here in Florida.  The high was in the low 60's and the wind is blowing at 10 to 15 mphs.   The prediction is 39 and feels like 32 tonight.  If you go to the National Weather web site we are under 3 alerts.  Freeze warning, wind chill warning and fire warning.  Here goes Southern  California; the humidity is predicted to be 49% so we are under fire warning.  LOL  Most days in Southern California the humidity is in the teens. 

 Tomorrow the prediction is high 61 and low of 36.  Christmas it will be 79 with a low of 63 bring it on.  We are going to move to Fort Lauderdale on the 24th and the weather is warmer there.  Chirstmas it is predicted, high 81 low 71.  Bring it on, please.

We stayed home and lazyed around.  I like doing that some times.  




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