Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A group of planters in Massachusetts.  Our country is still wonderful.  We traveled a whopping 107 miles today and traveled into two states, Massachusetts and Connecticut.   
This is a very interesting building in a town near Holden, Massachusetts.  This is the town Rog's grandpa and grandma Mitchell lived for many years and where his father was raised. 
We are staying at a Corp of Engineers Campground.  The camping spaces are so spacious and great.  We have not stayed in one we did not love yet. 
We are all set for the upcoming holiday.
They have two of these shelters for camping.  Notice the moss on the roof.  

We are heading for Boston, Massachusetts in the morning.  We are going to see the city by trolly, a walking night tour, a boat ride, and the Boston Tea Party "experience".  The internet is great, but after all day in the city I may not get the blog done, but I will try.
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