Saturday, June 22, 2013

I will try and recap our second day in Boston.  First I must say we had a wonderful time in Boston and it is a beautiful city and you must come and see this all yourselves if you can.  I also enjoyed New York City too.  I am so glad I have toured both. 

 These are the toll booths for the Mass Pike into Boston.  We took this road the first day we toured the city.  The road coming into the toll booths was 4 lanes wide, there were 8 toll booths.  Out of the eight toll booths only three took cash.  You had to figure out which lane to be in to get to your toll booth.  That was bad enough.  Coming out of the toll both the road funneled down to three lanes!! with no lines!! and there was another highway dumping into the whole mess with two more lanes.  It was a free for all, with big semis merging in too.  

Coming into the City.

I just loved the older parts of the city.

Like I told you yesterday in the blog the old building exteriors can not be changed in any way, only minor repairs.  So the person who purchased this building wanted to build apartments so he gutted the interior and built an apartment building inside with a small court yard and the walls of the court yard are the old building. 

Here you can see through the windows at the new apartment building. 
  Dunkin Donuts started really close to Boston and there are a million or more of these stores in all of New England.  

  Laura and I took a lunch break and had lobster.  It was very tasty.  This is the first lobster that I took apart myself. 

  We have heard about the dog walkers in New York City, but never saw one.  Our last day in Boston and here she is.  Notice all 8 dogs are hooked to a loop on the back of her backpack.  The little white ones in the back of the pack look a little reluctant. 

Pretty city.
This is the Parker House.  Charles Dickens resided in the Parker House for two years in his own apartments and first recited and performed "A Christmas Carol" at the Saturday Club at the Parker House. The Parker House currently holds possession of Charles Dickens lock and key to his apartment door and also his mirror.
The Parker House invented Massachusetts’ state dessert – Boston cream pie – and the Parker House roll.

Some well-known people have worked at the Parker House, including Ho Chi Minh who was a baker in the bakeshop from 1911 to 1913, and Malcolm X who was a busboy in the early 1940s. 
John F. Kennedy announced his candidacy for Congress in the hotel's Press Room, and held his bachelor party here. JFK proposed to Jackie Kennedy at Parker's Restaurant (at table 40).

  Yesterday we enjoyed the Boston Tea Party Experience.  It was really great.  The whole thing was well done and wonderful to "experience".  We first went to the town meeting and experienced what that was like and what was said.  Then we quietly made are way down to the harbor and boarded the Eleanore, one of the ships loaded with tea.  There we met with a fellow "Sons of Liberty" and we tossed the tea over board. 

This is the ship we boarded.  They say the exact place all of this would have took place is where the red brick building is now. 

  Laura is throwing tea over board.

  Get ready.....throw

  Rog is throwing his tea over board.

The tea is in the harbor we have done it now the Revolution is not far behind.
Our next step in the experience was what happens after the tea is dumped.  This is top secret and no pix allowed.  I was so glad no one told me before I experienced it.  So I will do the same for you.  Come and see.  It was great.  
   This is the meeting house, church, where all the Revolution stuff was talked about and Paul Reverie was given his instructions. 
We also took a night walking touring of Boston Beacon Hill and learned all about the killers and ho's and where John Kerry lives when he is in town. LOL

I have so many more pix of Boston, but so little time and space.  Come and see it is great.  

I am so behind on my pix, but I will catch up.  Today we were suppose to stay home so I could do just that, but no... off to Rhode Island and the capital there.  So I have another wonderful story to tell.... tomorrow.  

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