Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I am taking you back in time with these first few pix.  This is the day after we got here.  We headed down the road to have a brew and lunch.  We are staying in what they call the Hudson River Valley and is it a beauty.
This is were we had lunch.  They had a wedding party here too.  There were a lot of young couples with little ones, one month.  I asked if they started the kids early here. 
You go in and the vats, I guess that's what they call them, are right there.
It was such a nice day we ate outside.  Laura is having a sampler of the beers they make here.
They are numbered so you can locate what kind of beer you are about to drink.
And so is Rog.
Also we found a nursing home and I dropped off the wheelchair lap robe for New York.  I came home and put the little heart on New York.
This is the Mid Hudson Bridge.  You guessed it going over the Hudson Bridge.  Just on the other side of the river is Poughkeepsie.  We wanted to go there because that is where the train station is.  We are going there tomorrow to catch the train into New York City.  We are planning on spending the day walking around seeing the sights.  So if you don't here from me I am lost in the Big Apple.
We also took a hike to High Falls.  There is a lot of water going over because of Andrea and the flooding

Back in the day they had a hydroelectric plant here and you are seeing the ruins of that.

This is low falls just down stream.
Neat flowers
  This reminds me of shooting stars that grow in South Dakota. 

  These are growing on the ledges around the falls area.
this is where we are staying
When we got here this was a very small stream.  You could walk across it on rocks and it was very clear.  After all the rains we have been having it is a swollen, raging, muddy mess.  So far we are safe, but much more rain and I am going to move on.  No it is safe and has a long way to go to flood us out.  We we are leaving soon anyway.  LOL

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