Saturday, June 15, 2013

We headed out to kayak in Vermont and the day was wonderful, but a bit windy.  We did not stay out long, maybe two hours, but it was a great day.
I am sitting in my kayak on the beach ready to have Rog push me out and here come a family of ducks.  It is apparent that she has been feed by humans and she has brought her young to learn the fine art of begging. 
They are so cute and had to be maybe 2 or 3 days old. 
We also came upon a frog in the lake.  A little girl that was watching the baby ducks caught this frog in the lake and let me take a pic.  He's a big one. LOL
Rog has launched me and I am waiting for the rest of the crew to enter the water.
Laura is enjoying her kayaking in Vermont.
Here comes Roger.  It is such a nice day.
So pretty. I guess it is a cone in the tree near our camp site.
Rog in his Bar B Que pose.
In the afternoon we headed into Montpelier to leave a wheelchair lap robe at the Gary House pictured here.
This is a tree swallow.  This nest box was right behind our RV. 

We were invited to a Saturday night party here at the camp and we had a wonderful time.  The band came in a small bus and used the bus as the stage.  They did a great job.  The dance floor was dirt, well after all the rains here, mud.  So this is the first time Rog and I danced in mud and it was great.  

We are off on a road trip tomorrow heading for New Hampshire.  
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