Sunday, June 16, 2013

We are in New Hampshire!

The trip here started out a little iffy.  The RV started ok, but we are experiencing a high pitched whine in the engine as we are going down the road.  The rig ran great the whole trip here.  The gauges all read that all was fine.  We even lost the whine about 20 miles into our 130+ mile trip here.  That said as we were climbing the hill into the campground the whine returned.  We are going to have that looked into by Freight Liner. 

The roads were very rough, but when we got onto Instate 91 wow it was the greatest.  We only saw one big rig truck the whole 100 miles and it was parked on the side of the Instate on the other side of the roadway.  

The road was rough on the bridges.  I mean really rough, they had flashing signs to warn the bikers even.  Well it was so rough that the cover to the heater came lose and fell off.  We are going to have to order a new one and see if we can match the paint.  It also bounced open a cupboard right above me and dumped everything on my head.  I am fine just was a bit scared at the time.  The roads are hilly and at times very.  We had a great trip even with all the troubles.

The country is still beautiful and we are looking forward to our kayaking trip tomorrow.  

Laura's cats travel with her in crates and serenaded her most of the trip here.  She is so lucky.  LOL  The cats love it when they get to our location and we let them out in the rig.  

I will have pix for you tomorrow.  Internet here is the greatest.  

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