Tuesday, June 25, 2013

We found a couple of moths on the flag this morning.  I thought they were pretty and interesting. 
Find the moth???
Here it is. 
Went out kayaking in Connecticut today.  We are staying at Lake Thompson, but we opted for a slow moving river.  It looked to us that it might have more things for us to look for and little nooks and places to paddle into to get a better look at nature.
The brown strip in the pic is a railroad bridge.  They have had record breaking amounts of rain here before we came and all the rivers and lakes are over the top.  
   Closer view of the railroad bridge.  We could hear water falling over rocks on the other side but could not see it.  We tried driving there, but no road lead to the falling water that we could find, anyway.  I guess one could have gotten out of their kayak and walked across the tracks, but no one did.  We will let our imaginations take over as to the size and shape of the falls.

While out on the river I came upon this guy just raising a fuss all around me.  I am thinking that I was way to close to his nest. 

  The female Red-winged Blackbird was not too happy with me either.

  Lacy winged dragon fly resting on a plant.

    Laura out paddling and having fun in Connecticut. 
  You can see Rog and how the river has these "marshy" areas filled with beautiful plants and flowers. 


  There were a couple of these birdhouses out in the middle of the river in the "marshy" areas.  We did not see any activity in or around them when we were out. 

We are in the river with our kayaks.  The road is on one side of the river and the railroad tracks are on the other side.  The only thing that came down the railroad tracks was this pick up truck with specially fitted wheels.  Too bad a train did not go by, that would have been fun to experience. 
  There are turtle crossing signs all over this area as we travel by car, but we have not seen one turtle.  We kayaked all around and I saw two turtles.  One very shy one that was gone before I could snap his pic and this guy who hung around for some time to get his pic taken for me to put in my blog.  

  The next pix are of flowers I saw along and in the river today.  There were a couple of white flowers too, but the sun washes out the pic so that I did not publish them.

  These are out in the middle of the river in the patches of "marshes", I guess that's what one would call them.

   Close up of the pic above


  Tiny star plants on the shore. 

   Nursing home in Connecticut where my knitted wheel chair lap robe was placed.

  Pic of Lake Thompson where we are staying.  Looks pretty neat we may go out on the lake before we leave here.
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