Sunday, June 2, 2013


I am thinking Rog would go for this salad.

It has been over cast here and in the 80's all day.  It is getting cooler with 90's for the last 3 days.  It is predicted to be sunny and drier  and in the 70's tomorrow.  HEY

Laura has opted for option  2 Drive the wheels of the truck and get here as fast as we can because the cats are howling like crazy.  She is young and can do that.  900+ miles in a day is not our style.  We get cranky when we have to go over 250 miles in a day.  She just called and is in Pennsylvania on the toll road.  She should be here in a couple more hours.  She was hoping it was in the single digits, but not so much kid.  

She is just learning how very bad our roads are in America.  It is such a shame that our politicians have robbed the monies from the gas taxes, road taxes, toll roads taxes, bail out monies, shovel ready monies, you name it monies.  We have traveled a lot of this country and the roads are a mess.  This is costing all of us a lot of extra money because of repairs, accidents because we are trying not to get lost in pot holes (caverns)  and gas waiting in traffic for pot hole repairs.  I am at a loss as to what to do about this situation.  No one, I mean no one cares any more.  Laura was saying in a joking manor, but not so much, that she thought she was going to have to put the truck in 4 wheel drive and she was on black top.  I really feel for the truckers.  This is their life and it is a mess.  

One of our neighbors has interesting pets.  The couple are in an older motor home with no slide outs, you do not see those a lot any more.  I told him I have never seen him out walking his pets.  He has 7, mind you 7, box turtles.  One of turtles he has had for 20 years now.  Yes, he is a little strange, but kind of interesting.  They are full timers too.  He is older and really just starting and they stay in this area most of the time.  So this is a first for us, turtles rving.

Like I said before with Laura here the blog may suffer a bit, but I will be back soon, maybe even tomorrow.  

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