Thursday, June 13, 2013

This is the Birthday Boy having his lemon margarine pie.

 We are in Vermont.  We are staying here for a while and do the sights and stuff that is here to do.

Our internet service is from the rv park only and it is slow too or not at all.  That said I will post more pix, but not sure how many.  I did want to get the birthday boy his pic.  

This is Albany, the capital of New York.  We passed through on our way to Vermont.

   Another neat building on our travels.  Says it was built in 1889.

We started our trip in the rain and it rained almost all the way here.  We are hoping we will have a couple of days of clear skies here so we can get our sight seeing and kayaking done.  

The country is beautiful.  

  ski slopes with lifts.

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