Monday, June 24, 2013

Today Laura and I stayed at the camp site with the animals while Rog took our home into the doctor to see what is wrong with it.  

In this pic you can see where the RV should be.

We called this screened shelter the "Cat House" and the bigger one was the "Dog House".   All I can say it was a very interesting day for us girls and the pets.  

Rog found out that the problem with the RV is a hole in a hose.  They had to order the hose and did a quick fix on the old one, so Thursday my home is going back to the doctor and Laura and I get to stay home and tend the animals again.  
I am going to try and tell the New York City Trip.  It was a great day and we were all impressed with the big city.  It is a must see for all my blogger friends.  

Our train into the city.  We boarded in Poughkeepsie. 

 Before I go on I must tell we experienced  Swarmagetante, the 17 year cycle of the Cicadas.  Cicadas are insects, best known for the sounds made by male cicadas.  There would be pockets of them as we traveled in New York State.  The noise was really really loud.  I could not believe how loud they were.    Some cicadas produce sounds up to 120 dB among the loudest of all insect-produced sounds. This is especially notable as their song is technically loud enough to cause permanent hearing loss in humans, should the cicada sing just outside the listener's ear.
We are on the train.  We took it all the way into New York City about an hour and a half.  It was a great trip.  We were at the beginning of this particular route of the train and took it all the way into the city.  I met a fellow knitter on the train.  She worked at the hospital near Time Square.  She gave me a set of counting beads for counting rows in knitting.  So my first experience with New Yorkers was really great.  Taking the Subway home was during rush hour, we tried to not that this happen, but we were enjoying the sights.  We couldn't stay too late because our train did not run that late.  Anyway when I got on the Subway a gentleman immediately gave me his seat.  Not the way I thought the people would be here in the big city.   
Views along the way while on the train.  
This is a castle on an island in the Hudson River.  Well parts of a castle. 
 First view of the city from the train coming in.

   Here we are in the belly of the beast.  New York City Terminal,where all train lines end.    They to not call it Grand Central Station, like in DC.  We are underground and have just gotten off the train looking for our subway line.  

  This is the view when you enter from the street.  The clock in the center is a landmark that people often use as a meeting place.  There have been many movies and TV shows filmed showing the train  station.
We boarded the subway and went to Time Square.  It is so fun. 
  The opposite look of Time.

  Neat tall buildings. 

   We saw many people from different walks of live in the big city. 

   Samuel L Jackson taping outside in Times Square of the Today Show and CBS.

   This is our van for our walk/ride tour of New York City.  It was the greatest tour.  It was 5 hours and we saw it all.  



More buildings. 


This was some important hotel.  After you see so many I can not remember names.

The entrance to Central Park , New York City.

Views inside the park looking our at the city.

  Rog and Laura in Central Park, New York City.

  Entrance to Washington Square Park.  Got off the van and walked through the park.

   One of the new towers where the twin towers were.  This is a view while in Washington Square Park.
  The bird men of Washington Square Park. 

The Bull in the financial district.  This is the best pic I could get because we did not stop here.  We did a five hour tour and we went through most of the areas of New York City.  So Ho, Hell's Kitchen (really nice place today), Central Park, and others I do not remember.  But it was a great tour.  We found it on Groupon and got a deal. 

  This is a memorial for the 11 employees of American Express that lost their lives in the 9/11 attack.  It is call 11 tears.  It was so much prettier than this pic.  It is a pool with small droplets of water (tears) falling gently into the water below.  Around the edge of the pool,where Laura is reading, are words and phrases that describes each person.   It was very moving. 

We did not see the memorial at the sight because we needed tickets.  There were so many people there.  

  A view of one of the new towers where the twin towers stood.  

Now you are all caught up on our travels. 

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