Monday, June 17, 2013

We were the first rv to stay in this spot.  It had rained a lot before we got there.  We get there and put down our landing gear (jacks).  When we left this is how it looked.  We had to dig the one out. 

New Hampshire, proof.

  We headed out this morning to kayak.  This is a pond off the Connecticut River.  Isn't it beautiful.  

We met a couple there kayaking and got a lot of great info.  The guy had a lot of medical issues and needed a special seat.  Rog has issues too, so he showed Rog his setup and off we went to the store to get one for Rog.  Of course we waited until after kayaking.  The guy was playing with matches at age nine and got burned really bad.  Was in the hospital for 9 years and many many operations.  He worked and they had to tell him to retire early because things were getting too hard for him.  He keeps active to keep his muscles working.  He was quite the guy.   
Laura out in the pond.
Lilies everywhere.
Rog in the middle of the lilies.
Red-winged Blackbird at the waters edges.
Sitting in the shade taking a break.
On the other side is the Connecticut River.
It was a very slow moving river and really nice on the side of the bridge too.  We think this is an old train bed with bridge.
Dropped off the New Hampshire wheel chair lap robe at the Harborside Applewood Nursing Home. 
One of the two covered bridges in the area. 
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