Friday, June 7, 2013

We are currently under the influence of Tropical Storm Andrea and it is wet here.  It has rained nonstop since 8;00 last night and it is now 8:00 to night.  The good thing is there has been no wind here. There is a little stream behind us, well there was a little stream behind us and with all this rain it is full.  Before if we put the kayak in they would high center in most of it, but now it is a fast flowing deep stream.  

With all this rain coming our way they had us under a flood watch.  So we decided since we do not know the area we would stay home and relax and let the emergency people rescue the locals that know what roads are flooded and we can make it anyway types.

The camp resort is hosting the boy and girl scouts this weekend and it has been so busy here with all the rvs coming in.  The weather is suppose to clear out tomorrow so they can have fun this weekend.  We are going to have to break our,"we stay home on the weekend" rule because : 1) it rained on our day to go out to have fun and explore  and 2) this place will be full of kids. 

We are hoping to be able to explore some tomorrow and put those kayaks in water, a lake.

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