Saturday, June 1, 2013

Did it again and forgot to blog. Rog says I need you to get used to it because Laura will be here in a couple of days and we will be doing and going and playing and I will not have time or will be too tired to put stuff together for youAlso after Laura leaves we will be in remote locations of Canada on an extended 50 day vacation and our internet does not work in Canada.  So if the campgrounds where we will be staying in Canada do not have internet I can not blog.

Laura had her last day of teaching on Thursday and the year end staff party that night.  She loaded up stuff Friday and headed out this morning around 8:30.  She had new kayak racks installed not to long ago.  So she put her kayak on with the help of a friend and strapped it down.  Well about a 100 miles out she calls and said the kayak was slipping. so she pulled over took the kayak off the rack and put it in the bed of the truck and tied it down as best she could being on the side of the interstate and all.  She said the rest stop was a couple of miles down the road so would do a better job there.  Not safe on the side of the road.  She got that problem solved.  Her Poppy will look into the situation for her when she gets here.

We were a bit concerned about her traveling here to meet up with us with this weather situation, but it appears she is on the edge of this big weather system and pushing it east to us.  She does say it is a bit windy, but nothing like on the news.

She is also traveling with her two cats, the Stepkittys.  They are in crates.  My understanding is they are not in the least bit happy about the situation!  I told Laura she had some options here. 1. She could put up with them howling and do the trip to get here in the 3/4 days she had planned. 2. She could put up with the noise and do the trip here in 2 days.  3. She could do what I do with the knitting lap robes and drop a kitty off in each state she goes through.  4.  Drive to the nearest airport and hop a flight here with kittys in baggage.  LOL  She said she has been observing a lot of Fed Ex trucks heading this way and maybe she could flag one of them down and punch some holes in a box and ship them to us.  A lot of people send the grandkids to the grandparents, maybe?.  We are not sure if we would accept the packages, because we have two dogs!!!  Yes, it is going to be very interesting in our little house when we all get here.  

   This is the Pennsylvania nursing home that I placed this states wheelchair lap robes that I knit.  It is a Christian run operation out in the green country side.

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