Tuesday, April 30, 2013

After all the site changes yesterday this is the site we now call home.  It is really nice and we were almost level before we even started leveling.   
Went out with my camera just at our site and came up with the following.  A pretty blue flower.  To let you know how small this guy is the white thing beside it is just one petal from a flower from the tree by us. 
a nice violet type flower.
You can see right down it's throat.    It has a fuzzy beard too. 
This is a nest in the tree by us.  There was a bird there while we were out once, but he was in and out before we could ID him.
The wind came up and it was like it was snowing out.  I really want the flowers to stay because they are pretty and they smell heavenly.

 It is a tall tree.  I am thinking it is a cherry tree.

 A closer look
 A very close up of the flowers

We stayed home and got a few things done around the rig.

Laura has been sick for some time now.  She put up with not feeling very good and a cough for a week or so.   She then had had enough and headed for the doctor.  He put her on meds and she rested and took her meds for a week and things were getting worse.  She had all the above plus really a bad pain in her chest when she coughed or for that matter moved.  So she headed back to the doc and found out she has pneumonia and was put on different meds and told to stay at home and rest for the rest of the week.  Here's hoping you are feeling better really soon and finally get well  

Oh yea, remember the freeway backup I told you about in the last blog.  That was a police chase and the guy ran out into the freeway rush hour traffic and got hit.  So now it is a crime scene I guess.  There are signs all along the roadway say if you have an accident it is the law to pull over.       
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