Saturday, April 27, 2013

This one will be short.  We stayed home today so I could recop from walking the whole George Washington Estate.   We really did enjoy it and I pooped out and we did not do the museum, grist mill and distillery.  Looking the map over we missed a lot at the museum that I think would have been fun and I would have learned a lot too.  So if you go leave time to see it all.  They have done a great job of presenting the information. 

I did do dishes, ironed clothes, and made chicken soup.  But I am so glad we did not plan anything today

I do have a pic of the railroad tracks here in the park.  I missed a great shot the other day when we looked down the tracks and looking back at us were the head lights of a pickup truck coming at us.  They we track maintenance.  
  We have only had two trains that we know of.  They were just a couple of engines.  They were late at night so we could not see all the good.  

There was a problem with my blog yesterday too.  No pix in part and unedited text.  There were pix and edited text when I published it and looked at it last night.  ghosts are at work around here.  
   This is for a friend from my husband.  LOL yea right.
   This one is for my grandkitties.  

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