Friday, April 5, 2013

We woke up to this guy in the feeder.  He emptied it in no time so we filled it again and hung it from a tree.  Poor guy.  He is so cute.
I finally got pix of this guy.  Robins eat insects, so he will not come to my feeder.  So I got him on the ground hunting around for lunch.
Well I thought it was for lunch, but he has a month full of nesting materials.
We finally had a decent day for kayaking.  We drove down to the site next to the water and unloaded the kayaks and then Rog drove the car back to the space and walked back.  You can see our rig and car behind Rog.  That site is now full.  In fact every site in this park is full this weekend.    . Not sure if this is the same Robin, but he needs a drink. 
Rog out in the water.  We are in the Old Hickory Lake that is on the Cumberland River.  The Corp of Engineers built and now maintains the dams on the river.  They also built and maintain the campgrounds too. 
There are so many turtles sunny themselves on logs and branches.  This is one of the little ones.
There everywhere, but do not stay long when we even get the slightest bit close they are gone.

This is a flowering bush that is near the waters edge.  It smells good too.
  This house is on the waters edge too.  WOW  There were many more like this there.

After kayaking we headed out to find nursing homes or assisted living places to give my knitted wheelchair lap robes.  This is the one we left in Tennessee.
This is the home.  It is very small.
Then we headed into Kentucky
They grow them big in Kentucky
And cut.
This is the home in Kentucky.

This home was also small.  
  On the road we observed this road cut.  It is so interesting how this was formed.  It would be fun to have been there when it happened to see how it all got there like this.

    Our trip took us on the Vietnam Veterans Highway.  Every mile or so there is a sign like the one here with rank, name and branch of service, of what we assume are dead service menWhat a great honor for them and their families.

We had a great day doing and giving.  
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