Monday, April 1, 2013

We got up and took our time getting ready because we only had a very few miles to get here. We did stop and get propane so now I can run the heater all I want now.  We were running on the orange in the gauge department.  Les knows about running the orange.

On the way and before we left Amish country we saw this on the side of the road.  The horses were on the other side of the road.  They were fishing, the Amish not the horses.  
This is our new home.  It is a wonderful place and our camp site is great. 
There was no one here when we first got here to check in so we walked back.  Evidently Rog got tired on the way up and needed to sit and rest.  
As we walked up to the check out area I took this pic.
Our new home.  I will take another pix because we are not quite set up yet. 
  This is a pic out the door of the rig.  We will be out kayaking in the lake before we leave. 

This is our Grandson Andrew.  This is so him.  Such a funny guy.

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