Monday, April 29, 2013

This is a Red Winged Black Bird with red epaulets hidden.  This pic was taken yesterday about 155 mile south of the next pix you will see.  You will notice the bright sunny glow is not in them. 
We are on the road.  It is a very gloomy day and raining off and on, mostly on, all day.  We left Virginia and entered into West Virginia.  They have a lot of work to do on their roads here.  We are traveling I 81 and it is so rough.
Then after a while we enter into Maryland.  I noticed on the map that the border between West Virginia and Virginia is a straight line, but the border between West Virginia and Maryland is very wiggly
 The reason for that is ....
The Potomac River.  This is the same river we saw while sitting on the porch of George Washington's home at Mount Vernon a couple of days ago.
It was not long at all and we were in Pennsylvania.
Here we see these big farms.  They are so pretty.  Even with the rainy, gloomy, gray day the country side is so pretty.  I have decided that my favorite color is not blue like I always thought, but green.  When ever I come upon something green I think "how very nice this is".  So green is my favorite color.  And there are a zillion shades of green too.  Don't believe me, just go outside and look. 
We were all humming along on the highway and all of a sudden "stop".  We also noticed that there was absolutely no traffic coming the other direction.  This just can't be good.  And wouldn't you know it we are only 1.8, according to Tom our GPS, miles from exiting this freeway.
This is the on ramp.  They are not allowing any traffic on the freeway.  This is on the other side from us. 
We saw no wrecked cars.  Just all these guys and more standing around, doing what guys do when they are standing around (?????).  There were four more cop cars with lights and sirens going stuck in the traffic that this made trying to get here too, to stand around with the guys already standing around so they can do what guys do when they are standing around.  Just saying.
We are getting very close to our new home.
We checked in and got the map of the resort.  Was told to go to this section for a 50 amp site.  So off we go and pick this great site and set up and spread out and plug in and water and sewer.  All the inside prep is done and we are eating a hearty bowl of soup I had made.  Tap, tap at the door.  Sorry this is an annual site and you will have to move.  Well mark them so we know!!!!  I am a little "hot" around the edges about this anyway.  So we ....
move to this site just below the other one.  We get all set up and spread out and plug in and water and sewer.  All the inside prep is done.  Well to get the rig level we had to double block the front and extend the jacks all the way out.  This had the front end up off the wheel about 6/7 inches.  The rig was moaning and groaning.  So we decided we did not want this so we packed up again and headed for a new site. 

To make a long story longer we are home in site number 3!!!
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