Wednesday, April 24, 2013

We got the feeder out and noticed how much North Carolina Steve wanted in the feeder.  I was putting things away so fast that I did not notice that he ate it and how much.  One determined Steve.  We have not had too many takers at the feeders yet, but we just put it out.

We were going to hop in the car and head for the Park, but we looked at the weather report and it said rain and winds.  Well weather reports are really guesses and this dude really missed this one.  Sunny no wind at all.  We did get a wind gust and a teaspoon of rain around 7 PM.  So the lesson learned is go and have fun and the heck with the weather report.  Better yet don't even lesson to them.  

We stayed home and I got some great pix.

Decided to head outside and sit in the chair by the river and see if I could get some bird and animal pix.  This is the first of the birds I saw.  He is way across the river having a bite to eat.  It is an Osprey.  He was there for quite a while eating.  Then there was this big racket and an Eagle came in and was chasing him all over.  

  this is the only pic I could get of the big chase because the camera is auto focus and the branches and twigs would be the focus for the camera.

this hawk flew over right after the big stir with the Eagle and Osprey.

this guy was right over my head and just singing so sweetly   Maybe a Vireo or a Warbler

This is Virginia Steve.  There were a pair that use this hole so we are thinking Stacy is there too.

Eyes wide open 

  Eyes shut tight
cute poses

sitting here waiting for a big wind to spread me around
This little guy was down by the river
Carolina Wren
getting ready for take off. 
Back to Steve

   Enough of this I'm going back home.

This boat whizzed by us as we were sitting there

 butterfly in tree
bird at feeder American Goldfinch

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