Sunday, April 7, 2013

I got up before the sun today and got this wonder sunrise pic.  We are up and packed early because we are in a campground that is full of working folk that all need to use the dump station before they leave today.  The Corp of Engineer Parks usually don't have sewer hook ups, but they do have 50 amps and water and wonderful sites.  Well we did not want to wait in line and we also did not think it necessary that we are holding these nice folk up either so up and at it we are. 
While eating breakfast we noticed Tennessee Steve has figured out how to use the feeder swing to his best advantage.  The Jays were really upset with him too.  So time to leave and take down the fun.
We were in the Central Time Zone for a while.  Cross country travelers are working that Day Light Savings Time thing, fall back and hour, spring forward and hour.  LOL  We are back in the Eastern Time Zone.  I think we will be on this one until around September or so.  

 Knoxville, Tennessee
  the Sunsphere was created as the theme structure for the 1982 World's Fair.

It was noted for its unique design in several engineering publications.  In its original design, the sphere portion was to have had a diameter of 86.5 feet  to represent symbolically the 865,000-mile  diameter sun. The tower's window glass panels are layered in 24-karatgold dust and cut to seven different shapes. It weighs 600 tons and features six double steel truss columns in supporting the seven-story sphere. 

 During the fair it cost $2 to take the elevator to its observation deck. The tower served as a restaurant and featured food items such as the Sunburger and a rum and fruit juice cocktail called the Sunburst.  In the early morning hours on May 12, 1982, a shot was fired from outside the fair site and shattered one of the sphere's windows. No one was ever arrested for the incident.

We thought the size difference is amusing.  We came in first then this little outfit came in while I was napping.  They are from Canada.

We are in an interesting RV park.  We picked it because it is about half way between destination points and it is in the Passport America Membership camping club.  We get sites for half off.  This adds up over time.  We have used it enough since we left Florida to pay for it.  So we think it is a keeper as we travel.  

Back to the park.   We called ahead, as instructed, and were told someone would be there to take our money, etc.  We got here to a closed gate, no one here, and a sign telling me to call the same people I called yesterday about the park and I got an answering machine again.  We looked around and there are rigs here.  They do look as though they have been here for years though.  So Rog opens the gate and figures out where he wants to park.  He drives in, parks and we set up, well as much as we do for an overnighter.  Three hours later a guy comes by with an "offical looking shirt" and explains the payment set up.  We are all paid for now. 
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