Thursday, April 11, 2013

First I must tell you my squirrel- bird feeder story.   Here is "North Carolina" Steve.  Cute and innocent enough looking, right?
Now he is on the "bird" feeder hanging up side down trying to get seeds.  He is at this red feeder because he has already emptied the swing feeder. 

 Notice his hind feet hanging on for dear life.
He does not leave and eat his seeds on the ground in comfort.   No, he is too lazy and just hangs down like a bat and lunches away.
Those cute little feet holding tight to those sunflower seeds.
Hanging on and eating away.  

These next two pix are of Logan.  He is the grandson of the friends that we are visiting here.  He was told by his grandfather that if he sat on that rock and stayed really still that a lizard would come out from under his rock and sun its self on the rock below.  And when the lizard came out Logan would be able to reach down and catch it.  

Notice Logan is looking very hard waiting quietly, well as quietly as a little boy can. 
Then grandpa says no you can not look at it because the lizard will not come out. Logan, I will tell you when to gab the lizard.   How cute trying not to look.
Well Maggie wants to try and catch the lizard too.  She is going to look it in the eye.

Southeastern five-lined skink or as I would name it The Blue Tailed Lizard.  It is a non poisonious lizard.  When attacked it will drop it's tail leaving it wiggling on the rock. It's predator is left with very little if anything to eat.  

He is eating a big juicy bug he caught while we were not suppose to be looking.  

We had a great day visiting, but we had to say goodbye because Terry, Diana, and Logan are leaving tomorrow.  Goodbye friends have great fun traveling and hope we meet up again real soon. 

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