Monday, April 8, 2013

Got up this morning and looked out at this little BigFoot.  I can not believe that two people can live in this.  Rog says it is better than a tent.  He's right there.  But to live in it. 
We headed back on the road to I 40 into the Smoky Mountains.  They are so pretty even without leaves on the trees.
Made it back to NC
The rocks are shiny because of water seeping down and through them.
We went through a couple of tunnels.  They are just a great big curve.  I am use to tunnels that are just one straight line, in and out.
This is one of the rivers we followed on our way down the road. 
So pretty.
While traveling for hours one has to amuse oneself.  Here is a very large garbage can filled with large garbage cans heading down the road.

Rog also noticed Fox Sports haulers going West on I 40.  He assumes they are going from Martinsville Speedway, VR. to Texas Speedway, TX.  We did not see any NASCAR car haulers because most of them are heading to Charlotte, NC to get repaired and all pretty for the next race in TX on April 13th.

I was sitting, while moving in the passenger seat, while stopped my computer seat, and who walks by, but Terry of the Diana and Terry team.  We met them last summer.  What a surprise!!  Got to go and visit.  
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