Friday, April 19, 2013

This pic is to tell you where we are,  Bluegreen Shenandoah Crossing Resort in Gordensville, VR.
We happen to follow this wide load all the way from the interstate.  After checking in and getting our space number we had to pull up and wait while they got this baby into a spot off the road.  This really took less time than we thought it would.
In order to get it where it belonged they had to swing it into the side of the bank, digging out some of the bank just a bit.  As far as we could tell there was no one there to help guide the driver.  I did not get a pic, but as he got farther into the spot he just clipped the top corner of the unit by the tree.  Again no one to guide him.  Not sure there was anywhere for him to go anyway.  Also notice the angle he had to go in the space and how the wheels on the driver's side are off the ground.
It took the guy a while to get the unit parked so we shut down and we all hiked our legsWhere we were forced to park was right by the stables.  The stables really look nice and also running around everywhere were chickens.  They had times you could go up and ride horses and also they had times for different types of wagon and buggy rides.  They have a farm area for the children to go to feed and I guess pet the different animals, including the chickens we saw at the stables.

    This is a pic of  one of the pastures for the horses.  You can see the stables as tiny spots (left top)  These guys have it really bad.  The resorts owns well over a 1,000 acres of land and I am thinking I even heard over 2,000 acres. 


Close up of flower.
After seeing all the flowers you can understand my itchy eyes and all.  Was told that there was a "perfect storm" affect with the weather this winter and this spring that brought all the different kinds of trees and bushes to bloom at the same time this year and this is why all the pollen is everywhere.  I have never seen the likes of it.  My computer is covered all the time.

We took a car trip around this beautiful resort and this is Lake Izac  Tavern Restaurant. It is much more with rooms, two swimming pools, decks and a great restaurant.  This is all hear say because they had a fire and it is closed.  Here you can see them fixing the building.  
   This is the lake side view of the tavern.
This is the Manor House.  It was built in the 1700's  There were people there when we were driving around so stopped and asked about it.  Come to find out they also rent this out.  It sleeps 18 and this week a sorority had rented the manor.  Must be nice and how fun.   
  This is our beautiful site.  It is complete with table, chairs and umbrellaIt also has a propane BBQ with all the cooking tools you could ever want.  Free cable and WiFi.  The laundry facilities are clean and free too.  The restrooms and shower are really nice and clean.  It is a great place to stay. 
I must tell you how we came to stay here.  Once upon a time in August we went to Bass Pro Shop and some nice gentleman offered me this deal I could not refuse.  4 nights, $125 in gifts cards, and a presentation to this vacation deal.  So we are here.  They are wonderful here.  We went to the sales pitch thing and it was great.  Saw some nice stuff and it was so very low key.  If we were vacationing in hotels and stuff this would be great, but we are all set up with our RV stuff and they are not the right fit for us, but wow nice. 


close up of the flower.  This is our personal tree and I am thinking it is an apple tree.

  They also have sites that are even better than the one we have, hard to believe.  They come with hot tub, bigger table, sink and covered BBQ cooking area.  It is just wonderful.

close up of the flower


 Close up of the flower. 

 I do not know the name of this one, but the smell is so wonderful and fills the whole area.  If I had a yard this would be in it.

  Pool area in this section of the resort.  NICE   

If you do not have an RV they have yurts you can stay in or cabins or the Manor House.

  What is a yurt you ask? A yurt is a portable, felt covered, wood lattice-framed dwelling structure used by nomads and others in the steppes and cities of Central Asia.   And now being used in the US for vacationing in.  

  We took a tour of one of the yurts today.  This is the inside of the yurt, kitchen and dining room area. The door way is to the bath with walkin shower.  I am standing in the living room area.  It is really a nice setup.  They also have a patio area with deck chairs, table and chairs, sink, and BBQ. 

  bedroom, one of two for this unit.

This blog is getting out of hand with all the stuff.  It is a great place and will have more interesting stuff on the place later.  We were going to go out and visit and have fun, but a BIG storm is heading our way so we decided best to stay home and take a nap.  Well I did Rog did the laundryWhat a guy!  The wind is suppose to be something else with lots of rain.  We will see if this is true.  Tomorrow it is going to be nice nice nice and a bit cooler.  So tomorrow we are off to visit three president's homes and more historic stuff.   

We are now under a tornado watch and severe T-storm warning.  So I am going to post now while I still can. LOL  I can hear it now.

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