Thursday, April 18, 2013

We got up ate breakfast, played cards, packed up a little, and went for a walk.  I took some really interesting pix to share.  Then we went back to the rig and got completely ready and left around 10:45.  We only had 111 miles to travel today so why not.

 Like I said I took a short walk around the resort and took the following pix.  I tried to take one of the tree or bush and then a close up of the flower of that tree or bush.


Close up of the flower
I love this pic minus the power lines. 
Oops no pic of bush.  It was a nothing bare bush, but I just love the new leaves coming on.  No flowers
Love the ants taking care of business.  I am thinking it is helping the plant buy removing something on the buds so it can flower and the ants are getting a tasty treat.

We finally get on the road.  I just love the Virginia country side.  You have woods and then clearings with neat farms.

We found this guy on the side of the road. 
This pic is here because my granddaughter loves elephants and just in case she is looking this is for you "just had a birthday and got her drivers license" Samantha.

We are heading down the road the sun is shining and life is good and then out of the blue we start seeing these signs.  Hmmmmm.
  Sure enough we start to see the fog in the distance.

    And then we are in the middle of it.  It started around 1,300 ft.  

  We thought this was and interesting and a wonderful idea.  These lights are embedded in the road.  They are not reflectors they are lights.  They were on both sides of the roadway.  We had no problems see the lanes,

We had no problems getting from point A to point B.  We just had a wonderful day and travel very interesting travel.

 This is another farm house, but this one has seen better days.

 We made it in good time.  This is where we are going to be staying for the next four days.  Since the blog is full of stuff about getting here I thought I would save the being here for the next blog.  

All I got to say about our new home is WOW!!!!
Stay tuned.   

We do not have good phone service here and it is hard to communicate with our daughter and she is not feeling very good.  This is for her.  Hope you feel better and glad you are taking care of yourself and staying home and sleeping.  Get well.  
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