Thursday, April 25, 2013


Today we got up and headed for Shenandoah National Park.  A couple of years ago we headed up here, but it was so foggy we could not see any thing.  So the scenic vista pull outs were useless.  Today we headed up on a wonderful clear day.  So I will show you a few vistas that we missed before.
The river you see is the South Fork of the Shenandoah River.  We are parked by the north fork.  In Front Royal, the town we are staying, the north and south fork are flowing about 1/2 mile a part. 
There is no fog this time, but we are at the early end of Spring and no leaves on the trees.  You can see the road cut across the way.  We will be traveling on it in a few minutes.
This is a white tree
This is the flowers close up
Love this pic.  

   Another vista

   This is not a pic of fire that burned here, this is the picture of winter.  You can count every tree and see every rock.  Come back in summer and there is no way you will be able to do that.

  This is what a Dogwood tree looks like in the wilds in early Spring.  This next is a pic are the flowers close up



We were hoping to get here in time for the forest wild flowers to bloom, but we beat them.  I am thinking these are the azaleas.  They say that Spring climbs up the mountains about 100 feet per day starting in March and leaves will not leaf out on peaks until late May.  So I figure I missed it by about 15 days.  

  We also saw some deer this one is wearing a very big tag.


  No leaves here


  It is like a moon scape up here, but as we travel back down the mountains you can see such a difference



This is how the top of the mountains will be in June.

Like yesterday I am having trouble with the blog.  Not sure if it is them, the Internet, or .... can't be me.  Anyway I thought all pix uploaded and they were not there this morning when I checked.  So if you looked and there were no pix look again they are there now. 

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