Tuesday, April 23, 2013


We went into town today to mail a letter, shopping and urgent care.  No, there is nothing wrong with either of us.  We just needed to get our prescriptions renewed.  This is the only way unless we go to a new doctor every 9 months or so.  That gets very expensive as a new patient.  Urgent care can only give out prescriptions for 30 days, but they are still less expensive that a new doc.  Anyway we are all set for another month.  

This pic is for Michelle.  The entrance to this park is about a mile up the road.  Coming down the road, which is steep, we make a turn at the pool and rec area and this is what we see.  We thought we would be hearing trains, but so far none to be heard here.  We have heard a few way off in the distance.  We turn at the end of the road because the river is just past it.  

We are hoping to get out and up into the Shenandoah National Park tomorrow.  We were here a couple of years ago in the fall.  It was so fogging that we did not even pull out in the pull outs to see the view.  The next day they closed the Park because of snow.   It has got to be so beautiful with all the flowers. 

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