Monday, July 1, 2013


I will start the blog with this beauty.  Rog keeps a light on the flag all night and in the morning we will see some very interesting creatures that decided this was the place to hang out.  I do not know this guys name.  Interesting isn't he?

  In this pic you see Rog, Laura and Merry.  They are planning Laura's up coming trip home.  She is looking up places to stay the night.  She needs a place that will allow her and her two cats and also not too outrageously expensive .  

We recently purchased a new GPS so we decided to let Laura use our old one for a while.  Rog was teaching her the ins and outs of the system.  Then they planned her trip.  Setting it up for a multiple stop for each night home.  You can also set it up for point to point, here to home.  They planned for the fastest, least toll roads, etc.  All was set and ready to go for the early morning start of the trip.  Not so fast....Laura thought her father had it set for multiple stop, but it was not.  Laura discovered too late and had to take a longer route with tolls, or maybe it was the shorter with tolls and the other was the longer without tolls.  Anyway she went the wrong way too long before changing things on the GPS.  She is fine and the drive has been good.  There was some scary driving around New York City because of the rains.  So much so fast causing accidents and flooding on the roads.  What a mess.  She got through that just fine and is heading peacefully down the road now.  

  She was on the road really early because we all had to get up bright and early, 6 ish. We needed to take the RV back because they had not fixed the problem.  
The pic above: This was my home for the day.
 to your right is the bedroom. The lounge chair is a (bed, when reclined), then it is a living room (easy chair, when up-right).  To your left is the dining room\ computer room.  The chair in the front is Merry's bed.  Maggie is an outside dog, her choice. This will make my RV seem really big.  LOL

It rained off and on here all day.  Rog left like I said before around 6ish.  We sent Laura off first because she was parked in front of the rig so she had to go first.  Then Rog left.  He got back here at camp around 4ish.  
NO the rig is still not fixed.  New problem which means new part, which means two days wait.  We are not going to be here that long so we need to just move on and hope for the best.  We already have a huge chunk of change in this repair and it is still not fixed.  They did not charge Rog for parking the rig in their garage area today.  Yes, I am a bit upset, but what can you do?  I guess whine about it on your blog.  LOL 

The shop boss told Rog he could ship the part to our next stop, or we could drive it with the noise and fix it after our Canadian trip is over and land somewhere for a while.  It is some kind of exhaust that involves the EGR valve. Blah blah blah blah.  

If Laura or I would come home after driving the car somewhere and we would tell Rog about a funny noise we were hearing he would always tell us to turn the radio up louder and we would not hear it anymore.  Guess this is what this guy is telling Rog.  LOL  I am not sure the RV radio will go up loud enough to drowned this noise out.
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