Saturday, July 6, 2013

northward travels

Today we headed north some 110+ miles to visit a cousin of mine.  The capitol of Maine, Augusta was on the way so we swung by and took some pix. 


After driving through some beautiful country in the middle of no way in Maine we finally made it to Dorthy's house.  It is very quaint and pretty.  They have done a lot of work on the house and grounds around it.   

  Two of the many gardens on the place. 

   This is Dorthy and her husband Bob.

  Pic of us cousins.  We had a great visit. 


Freeport was first settled about 1700,  incorporated on February 14, 1789 as Freeport. It is probably named "from the openness of its harbor" (free from ice).
  We are back in Freeport and this is a memorial to 9/11 with beams from the twin towers. 

In 1982, McDonald's made plans to tear down an 1850s Greek Revival house to build one of its standard stores. Outcry from residents caused the town to adopt new ordinances concerning what businesses could and couldn't do with their buildings, and McDonald's built the restaurant inside the house, maintaining the exterior appearance. This was one of the first times that McDonald's had been forced to change its restaurant design to fit local requirements.  There are no big arches either just a small sign with name and arches.  I am impressed. 

  Inside the McDonald's
It is so nice in there I could hold a wedding reception or grad party or prom date in here.  Nice
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