Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day two of the Alaska reunion

We stayed close to camp today.  It was a bit over cast and rainy.  We lent the kayaks out this morning to a couple(Connie and Joe)  so they could experience the fun. Don went out with them too. 

We played lawn games with the gang and visited a lot.  

This a few of the gang from Alaska having fun

They are using their bug zappers.  Only the Alaska peeps would know the meaning of this and the stories behind it.

More peeps

Jim and his own kind of bug zapper and he so excited, something to do with what he zapped and where it was when he zapped it.  Right Cindy and Will??

We all went out to eat at a great restaurant here in town.  Rog and I had shrimp dinners.  Mine was fan tail shrimp and Rog's was Maine shrimp.  The difference was fan tail are very big and delicious and Maine shrimp are very small and sweeter and delicious too.  They were both great.  It was asked of the waitress where the seafood came from.  She was upset because not all came from Maine.  What I thought was interesting was the Maine shrimp came from Canada.  The good thing was none of it came from China.  We had all kinds of dinners ordered and it was fun to see the different dinners and visit once more. 

Don, Jim, Connie, Joe, Jim
I forgot my camera so these are from the phone camera and I do not know how to use it very well so they are a bit fuzzy at times.

Doug and Mike

Roy and Roger


And Janet's dinner.  This was the Maine dinner. 

We have a cool ocean breeze tonight and have had it almost all day, but it is a welcome relief from the heat and humidity we have been having.   

This is a pic from the place we ate dinner yesterday.  It was very rustic.  You came in the ware house place where they story their live lobsters in these tanks.  They have huge hoses out side pumping the bay water in.  At the front you order a no frills lobster, clam, or mussel dinner or all three.  You take a number and head out back through the lobster tank area to the picnic tables and wait for number to be called.  They crack the lobster for you so you don't have to do so much work.  It was great eats and great fun. 

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  1. Glad to hear from you folks tonight, wish we were their. I can't believe Janet ate that hole lobster. Have fun and thinking of you all.