Saturday, July 13, 2013

Day one of the Marintime Provience Caravan Trip

We are in Houlton, Maine were our caravan begins and this is day one.   It is an introductory of the peeps and how things are to be run.  We had a wonderful social time and dinner and the peeps are great.  We are off tomorrow to see the longest covered bridge in the world.  I do not have any pics because the drive over here was in the woods and all most all the trip was trees and more trees and when there was a break it was quick and without warning and I was not fast enough to get the great shots.  Tomorrow it will be different.  We are going into Canada to see this wonderful bridge. When we come back we will have another dinner.  Wow I am loving this.  LOL

  On our way to Houlton, Maine and we saw a lot of these .  They are beautiful. 

   Lake on the way here there was a break in the trees. 

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