Friday, July 26, 2013

Day 14 of 49

In the summer of 1605, French explorers built a settlement on a beautiful river basin near the present town of Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia. There the soil was fertile and the natural surroundings plentiful with fish and game. Most importantly, the Mi’kmaw people whose ancestors had lived in the region for thousands of years welcomed the men and showed them how to survive in this new climate. Christened Port-Royal, it became the first European settlement north of Florida. While only in existence a few years, the settlement, and what it accomplished, proved to be a model for future exploration of the continent.


They built a replica of the colony complete with furnishings of the period.  It was a great experience.  There was a guide dressed in period costume there that told us of the history and times back then.  It was very interesting. 


Rog went up and I stayed down.  Someone had to pose for the pic.  LOL
It rained from time to time all day, but you push on and see things and have fun.  We spent a good two hours here learning and looking then off we go to the Royal Historical Botanical Gardens.

Seventeen acres of theme gardens and display reflecting the history of the area. Special features include a Victorian garden, Acadian Cottage.


  Here is Nova Scotia Steve.  LOL

We had lunch at a Germany Bakery.  Soup, sandwich, drink, and dessert.  It was great.  We even left with goodies to have later.  

   This is the grave yard we explored last night with real candle lit lanterns and a wonderful guide.  It seemed so much bigger at night.  

  this is a diorama of Fort Ann.  It is star shaped, a design by the French. 
   Many hills and valleys to keep the enemy out without having to build with stone or wood.  

   this is Rog standing in front of his Great Grandfather's house in Hampton, Nova Scotia.  We had some free time this afternoon.  We did some digging and found out that Rog's Great Grandfather, William Albert Mitchell lived about 28 K from here so off we went to see what we could find out.  Our first stop was the cemetery and sure enough there were many Mitchells laid to rest there and one was his Great Grandfather.  

 This little town (no stores),   a post office, city hall and a church is located on the shore of Fundy Bay. They also had a wharf on the Bay of Fundy.  So we headed down there for a look around. There was a lighthouse that was open to the public so we went and had a look.  The young lady there had this book of all the old houses in Hampton with all sorts of information.  And there was a picture of the house and info on William Albert Mitchell.   The house was originally built in 1857  by James Mitchell and then willed to William in 1884.  It shows that William stayed there from 1884 to 1902.  We do not know where he went or what happened to them, but he is buried in the Hampton cemetery.  Rog does know that his grandfather Asa Mitchell moved to Massachusetts in 1902 married and lived in Holden, Massachusetts.  

  You can see the house, barn, farmland and in the distance the Bay of Fundy.  We did learn that Rog's Great Great Grandfather (?) was a farmer.  I put the question mark because we have not confirmed he is his great great, but the evidence is pretty good so far. 

   The barn with the Bay of Fundy in the distance.  It was foggy part of the time we were here so hard to see the bay.  

   What a perfect end to a wonderful day. 

We met a bunch of the peeps and had dinner in Digby.  Neat sounding name.   We are off on a road trip tomorrow.

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