Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Happy 4th of July!!!

We made it!!!! our last state and now we have gone to all 49 main land.  We have to wait for the bridge to be built to get to the 50th and Rog says we probably could not afford the toll .  LOL
The state line sign.  

 This is the bridge crossing the Piscataqua River the state line between Maine and New Hampshire. 

 Piscataqua River

  These road signs were on Interstate 95.  I am thinking they are tourist gimmicks.  But we will keep on looking for one.  

Talked with Don and he is parked about 11 miles from here, but down the road he is 24 miles, all that water gets in the way.  

Also talked with Laura and she and the step kitties are safe at home.  Moms and Dads worry about their kids no matter how old they are.  Glad you are home!!!!

The weather sure has changed here.  It is cool and drier.  I am sure it has a lot to do with the weather system moving on.  We have also noticed no mosquitoes.  We are liking this.  

We headed out to dinner in the town of Freeport.  We decided on Buck's Naked BBQ.  I had baby back ribs, yummmm. 

Tomorrow is the 4th and we are planning on going to a pancake breakfast put on by St Judes, then a concert at LLBeans and the parade and who knows what else may be out there for us to do and see.  

We had a safe trip.  We decided to go the Instate because the GPS said if we didn't it would take 1 and a half hours longer.   Rog figured that meant a lot of stop lights and small towns and he was not up to that this trip.  Well it frosts my whatevers to have to pay a toll to drive on roads I have paid for with taxes on fuel.  We had to pay $20 all together just from New Hampshire to Maine.  And then the road was not all that great even.  

Well we are here and I will enjoy no matter.    
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